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The Blockchain for Impact. Become part of the impact #IAMIMPACT

Our Vision:

What Matters? Sustainability. Impact is the measurable change we want to see in society, for the environment and within the economy. What do you think are the threats and opportunities? Where do you fit in?

Our Mission:

What counts? Impact Data. All impact investments need verified impact data. Until now, trusted impact data has been scarce and low quality. Our mission at is to change this.

Our Values:

Impact optimization is at the core of our values at . We strive to optimize impact to ensure that the full potential of the intended impact is realized. We love the idea optimizing impact as this enables the impact to be compounded and therefore achieve more.

We are recruiting!

Our Ambassador Program gives you the opportunity to represent ixo in your local area. Contact us for more information.

Gubelstrasse 11
6300 Zug
Email: info@ixo.foundation
We all play an important part in the global impact community. We invite you to join the ixo community through our slack channels, github, and social media pages.