SDG Futures & ixo: Climate Actions for Impact

Side Events during the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco & Climate Week in New York City

Thur | 13 Sept

Climate Innovation Design Workshop @ Splunk (SF)

Fri | 14 Sept

Scaling Climate Action Summit @ Swissnex (SF)

Mon | 24 Sept 

New Streets for Impact @  The New School (NYC)

Tue | 25 Sept

Impact Pioneers’ Gathering @ The Explorers Club (NYC)
This September, leaders and people from around the world will join together in San Francisco at the Global Climate Action Summit and in New York City at Climate Week to celebrate achievements, discuss solutions, and ignite action for climate change.
ixo has partnered with SDG Futures to co-host a series of events across the two cities to bring leaders in sustainability, natural capital, impact financing, media and technology together to discuss how solutions and actions towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be deployed and accelerated through innovative coalitions and financing to shape a more transparent Sustainable Impact Economy.
We invite you to join us in San Francisco or New York to be a part of these discussions, ideation sessions, and debates, where we will also be making many exciting announcements regarding ixo’s commitment to climate action.
Together we can #stepup2018 to accelerate climate action for all SDGs.

13 Sept | 3.00PM-9.00PM

Venue: Splunk - 270 Brannan Street, San Francisco
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Climate Innovation Un-Conference:

Design Workshop

Creating and designing scalable solutions for the SDGs, enabled by emerging Web 3.0 technologies and delivered in #impactcoalitions
Workshop Facilitated by
Peter Coughlan

Peter Coughlan

Design Workshop Topics

More topics to be decided by workshop participants and leaders

14 Sept | 8.30AM-6.30PM

Venue: Swissnex SF - Pier 17, The Embarcadero #800, San Francisco
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Scaling Climate Action Summit

Engaging People and Enabling Financing for Climate and Natural Capital through Converging Technologies, Art and Media

8:30AM  |  Doors Open

9:30AM  |  Introduction: Highlighting the SDG Challenges  |  Melinda Woolf, Julian Sommer & Scott Hartop

Challenge 1: Creating Awareness & Liquidity for the SDGs (Case Study: Climate Change)

9:50AM    |  Bringing the SDGs and SDG solution heroes to the masses  |  Melinda Woolf (SDG Futures)

10:00AM  |  Creating liquidity for the SDGs  |  Ward Stirrat (Credyts) 

10:15AM  |  (TBC)  |  Keith Koo (Semada)

10:30AM  |  Verification as a driver for liquidity for the SDGs   |  Shaun Conway (ixo), Julian Sommer (ixo), Tom Duncan (BlockIndex)

10:50AM  |  Token and Systems Engineering for the SDGs  |  Michael Zargham (BlockScience)

11:10AM  |  How art can drive engagement and trigger climate action  |  Naziha Mestaoui (1Heart1Tree)

11:30AM  |  Digital liquidity for regenerative agriculture  |  Gregory Landua (Regen Network)

11:50AM  |  Verification of decarbonization and renewable energy production as basis for liquidity  |  Renat Heuberger (South Pole)

12:10PM  |  Which new approaches will close the liquidity gaps for the SDGs?  |  Panel: Ward, Shaun, Tom, Gregory, Renat

12:30PM  |  Design Workshop Mini-Pitches | Transfer of knowledge and insights from previous Workshop day at Splunk

1:00PM  |  Lunch and Breakout Session to Design Workshop Booths 

Challenge 2: From Exploiting to Regenerating Natural Capital

2:00PM  |  Valuing and regenerating natural capital  |  Newsha Ajami (Stanford Natural Capital Project)

2:20PM  |  Regenerating marine permaculture with blue bonds & impact tokens  |  Brian von Herzen (Climate Foundation)

2:40PM  |  Regenerative actions with local currencies  |  Marc Barasch (Greenworld Ventures)

3:00PM  |  Co-launching the Natural Capital Alliance – an idea in the making  |  Alan Laubsch (GenBlue)

3:20PM  |  Panel: How to drive change towards the regenerative economy  |  Alan, Newsha, Marc, Christian, Brian, David (Moderator)

Challenge 3: Scaling SDG Solutions Using Converging Technologies

3:40PM  |  Scaling forestation and impact monitoring  |  Irina Fedorenko (BioCarbon Engineering)

4:00PM  |  Impact verification with IoT, Blockchain, AI  |  Scott Hartop (Scout Impact)

4:20PM  |  Coffee Break

Challenge 4: Creating Holistic Frameworks for Impact Measurement (Case Study: Energy)

4:40PM  |  Energy as impact amplifier – verifying the solar ladder  |  Karl Skare (d.light) & Scott Hartop (Scout Impact)

5:00PM  |  Energy as a stabilizer and driver for peace  |  Sherwin Das (Energy Peace Partners)

5:20 PM | Keynote: How challenges can unite us and create a collective experience of action and accomplishment | Naziha Mestaoui (1Heart1Tree)

6:00PM  |  Networking & Closing

24 Sept | 5:00PM - 9.00PM

Venue: The New School, Theresa Lang Student Center
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New Streets for Impact

ixo and SDG Futures present an evening of ideas, organization and change-agents with the power to re-invent some of the defining ‘streets’ of our current era now coming to their end – Wall St and High St.
We’ll be looking at examples from Future of Sustainble Supply Chains, exploring how innovation and innovators could gain traction, scale and become transformational.

5:15PM  |  Doors Open & Refreshments 

5:45PM  |  Welcome & Introduction  |  Melinda Woolf (SDG Futures), Shaun Conway & Julian Sommer (ixo.world)

The Future of Sustainable Supply Chains – Seaweed, Fashion and Foods

Hosted by Scott Hartop & Melinda Woolf

6:30PM  |  Creating supply chain transparency  |  Adrienne Bowles (Sourcemap) 

6:40PM  |  Liquidity to offset carbon in supply chains | Ingo Puhl (South Pole) 

6:50PM  |  Linking supply chain liquidity with the Better Cotton Initiative  | Gal Mordechai (Sweetbridge)

7:00PM  |  Disruptive and sustainable fashion  |  Pierre Nicolas Hurstel (Remode) 

7:10PM Panel: Adrienne, Ingo, Gal, Pierre

Short Break

7:30PM  |  Seaweed and kelp value chains |  Brian von Herzen (Climate Foundation)

7:45PM  |  Seaweed-based fashion  |  Thessa Callaghan (AlgiKnit)

8:00PM  |  Algae-based food  |  Ingo Puhl (Whapow)

8:15PM  Panel: Brian, Ingo, Gal, Thessa

8:30PM  |  Wrap-Up & Networking

25 Sept | 5:00PM - 10.00PM

Venue: The Explorers Club, New York
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Climate Change: Art, Politics and Innovation

A Gathering of Impact Pioneers

5:00PM  Reception

6:00PM  |  Action Through Art | Climate Museum, Storm King Art Center

7:00PM  |  Impact Pioneers’ Gathering | ixo, SDG Futures, Solar Coin, South Pole

8:30PM  |  Politics, Policy & Communication | Anthony Leiserowitz Ph.D., Dan Esty 

9:30PM  Networking & Closing

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