What is “ixo” and what does it stand for?
ixo is the new operating system for the Impact Economy. Using blockchain and Web3 standards, ixo enables anyone to collect, measure, evaluate, value, and trade verified impact data. Read our Whitepaper to learn more.
“ixo” is actually not an acronym. Through the use of the ixo Protocol, anyone in the sustainable development space will have access to high-quality, high-definition, trusted data and be able to exchange that data for necessary funding. Thus, we hope impact will be optimized through decentralized exchanges – hence the play on the letters “i,” “x,” and “o.”
Sounds great - but are there any projects actually using ixo?
Yes! The UNICEF Innovation Fund and Innovation Edge (backed by Omidyar Network and UBS Optimus Foundation) have provided seed investments to develop an application of ixo through a project called Amply mobile app using the ixo protocol to track attendance in pre-schools in South Africa.
Every morning, the teacher logs each child’s attendance in the app as an impact claim, an evaluator confirms the attendance, and a verified impact claim is created. The verified claim can then be shown to the government in return for subsidies for underprivileged children.
The ixo Protocol has helped the teachers upgrade their previously paper-based system saving over 4,000 hours every month. Since November 2016, the project has grown to operate in over 72 schools and has recorded more than 55,000 attendance records
How do I access data stored in the Global Impact Ledger?
Anyone can access the Global Impact Ledger (GIL) through the ixo Portal. All projects on the ixo Network will have a portion of standardized information recorded on the GIL (from the Impact Claim Template) such as date, location, SDGs, and agents (to be determined by ixo Foundation) with a pointer to the underlying data. The underlying data will be project-specific such as HIV status of mothers, ID numbers of children, or GPS coordinates of planted forest.
If one wanted to gain access to the underlying data, he/she would have to request access from the owner of that data. The owner of the underlying data can then determine with whom he/she shares the data and at what price, if any.
How can my organization or project make use of the ixo Protocol? Will the ixo team help me develop/set up my project?
Once the ixo Protocol is fully functioning, any person or organization will be able to set up projects.
Our tech team will make readily available SDKs and other tools for your team – or software developers you hire – to use and customize for your own purposes. Certain parts of every project will be standardized using schema.org, which will contribute to the Global Impact Ledger, the queryable database for impact we hope to create, but many aspects of the project such as how you define success will be at the project creator’s discretion.
Currently, we are working with a handful of organizations from around the world to create 8-10 “reference cases” that will be the first projects developed on the ixo Protocol. Amply, for example, will be the first of these projects. The development of these reference cases is quite unique because our team is working very closely with the teams from partner organizations to set up the project both technologically and in the field. For future projects, our team will have little to no involvement with the projects being developed on the ixo Protocol – a truly decentralized system.
When is your ICO?
We are not running an ICO at the moment. We do, however, want our community to feel as involved as possible. We are working on a number of initiatives to engage our community, including meetups, podcasts, newsletters, AMAs, and an ambassador program. Sign up for our newsletter here to stay up-to-date with the latest ixo news and join our Telegram here to be a part of the conversation.
Please also let us know how you’d like to be involved in blockchain and impact! Email info@ixo.foundation with any comments, questions, or collaboration ideas.
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